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17. Aug 2016 | Prototype for public use evaluated
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The Intuaid Project aims on the development of an application for mobile devices that will provide intuitive assistance on first aid combined with professional documentary and communication features.

Intuaid will support the entire rescue chain. Therefor it will be available in a number of different versions that provide assistance on first aid in order to lower the public’s inhibition of getting involved in a first-aid case, as well as to non-medical crews of volunteer rescue services and even professional rescue services which will benefit from its documentary and communication features.
Intuaid can support people in first-aid situations everywhere. Read our vision for the app here.
We have made the first steps into creating Intuaid, but there is still a lot to do, of course.


The application of medical first aid is linked with great uncertainty to many people. The fear of making mistakes and performing under the eyes of bystanders raises a large threshold against intervention. For many the last first aid course is many years in the past. Basic but vital skills of first aid aren’t present even more when under stress.

All over the world emergency services and civil protection organizations build their teams from dedicated volunteers of all professions, which means, that only a small part of them has a medical profession and routine in dealing with medical emergencies. While acting under a higher probability of getting responsible in medical emergency situations, in fact only in a minority of their missions the crews face medical emergencies.


Intuaid shall help acutely diseased and injured people by promoting early and specific treatment by lay persons within minutes after an incident. Through automatic documentation of case information and adequate means of visualization and communication the following elements of the rescue chain shall be informed in a competent and efficient way.
Intuaid shall assist where medical emergencies happen absent from sufficient rescue service coverage. This may apply to rural regions, recreational activities in the wilderness and on the water as well as in commercial areas like shipping, aviation or in the offshore sector, where environments with a significant higher risk of injury go together with limited availability of professional rescue services and and long transport times.
Intuaid shall support volunteering in rescue services and civil protection by giving free licenses to organizations and dedicated people worldwide. With assistance in medical care, case documentation and patient data communication Intuaid shall act as a reliable tool for quality improvement in volunteer work and shall recognize the dedicated and unpaid work of voluntary crews worldwide. It is Intuaid’s goal to strengthen especially services in developing countries which often operate on very limited budgets.


Intuaid represents a tool for a holistic optimization of the medical rescue process. Therefor the Intuaid application adapts to the individual needs of each element of the rescue chain, covering assistance in first-aid, case documentation and communication of case information along the rescue chain.

Lay persons and first responders who don’t possess a professional medical education and who don’t regularly face serious medical emergency situations benefit from Intuaid’s intuitive and systematic assistance in first-aid. The ability to rely on Intuaid in medical emergencies reduces the stress level of lay persons and first responders and lowers the threshold for intervention.

As a part of its functionality Intuaid documents and processes all relevant medical related indications. This enables Intuaid to visualize and communicate all relevant case information in order to brief professional rescue teams as soon as they arrive at the scene or even on their way.

With rising medical qualification and extending possibilities of treatment along the rescue chain the complexity and amount of case information grows. The more information is documented and passed on along the rescue chain, the more founded decisions on treatments and medications can be made. Complete and uniform information is a key factor for efficient and effective treatment and thus for the outcome of the patient.

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License Model

Intuaid will be available for iOS and Android and in different versions that will adapt to the special needs of the respective target groups.

The ,Basic'-version offers intuitive assistance for effective and structured medical first aid to medical lay persons. It documents and visualizes all relevant case information for use in the following rescue chain. The ‘Basic’-version will be available to end users on the established app stores.

A ,Basic Extended'-version is offered to Users performing activities outside of regular rescue service coverage - that can, for example, be hikers, climbers or offshore sailors. It provides an extended coverage of first aid assistance and is proposed to guide medical lay persons for longer periods of time as rescue times from remote locations usually extend. The collected case data will completely be stored and can be visualized to communicate with alarmed professional rescuers or they can be transmitted through various interfaces. The ,Basic Extended'-version thus already provides basic telemedical functions for end users. It will be available on the established app stores.

A ,Commercial'-version will be available with specific adaptations for use in shipping, aviation and the offshore industry, where larger groups of people work and travel in absence of regular emergency service coverage and usually no professionally educated and experienced medical personel is available. It will provide intuitive and systematic assistance in medical emergencies for responsible personnel on board of ships, aircrafts and platforms.
The ,Commercial'-version documents and processes all case information. It offers visualization of relevant indications and a transfer of all relevant information through adequate channels in order to improve telemedical consultations. Intuaid will support professional and effective handling of medical emergency situations in commercial environments.

Within the 'Commercial Custom'-version Intuaid will be adaptable to established processes and emergency procedures in a commercial structure. This includes the extent of treatment assistance, the available resources and assets as well as processes, scope and interfaces for documentation and communication of case information. Intuaid will offer customized online and onsite training as well as practical training on an individual basis.

The ,Professional'-version is intended for the use in rescue services and civil protection organizations. It will cover assistance in medical first-aid including professional rescue techniques and equipment. Intuaid will document and process all relevant case information in order to make the treatment and transfer of the patient along the rescue chain most effective. By means of adequate interfaces all case information can be transferred from one element of the rescue chain to another - within the Intuaid system, to third party products or paper based.

The ‘Professional Custom'-version of Intuaid will be adaptable to established processes and emergency procedures in rescue services and civil protection organizations. This includes the extent and content of treatment assistance, the available resources and assets as well as processes, scope and interfaces for documentation and communication of case information. Intuaid will offer customized online and onsite training as well as practical training on an individual basis.


The Intuaid team has made it its mission to turn the Intuaid App from a vision into reality.

Since mid-2015, it has made various efforts to develop and refine the Intuaid concept as well as to build a network of technical and content development partners among rescue services, research institutions and commercial parties. As soon as this preparation phase completed, the Intuaid team is going to focus its efforts on establishing an adequate funding to realize the project in full scale.


Current State
Basic Concepting
Preparation for Funding
Extended Concepting
Business Plan Development
Product Development
Ongoing Business
Project Letter
Basic Communication
Organize Team and Project Structure
Basic Corporate Design
Connect with Development Partners (e.g. Rescue Services)
Connect with Development Service Providers (e.g. Software, Design, Legal)
Production of World Maritime Rescue Congress Presentation
(06-03-2015 in Bremerhaven, Germany)
Budget Planing
Basic Interface Design Concepts

Wireframe Prototypes
Production of Funding Campaign
Rollout of Funding Campaign
Extended Interface Design Concept
Software Architecture Concepting
Defining License Contents
Clarify Legal Conditions
Budgeting for Development Stage
Establish Basic Corporate Structure
Production of Second Funding Campaign
Secondary Funding
Completion of Interface Design
Software Development
Generate Content
Establish Legal Conditions
Development of Training Tools
Validate and Optimize Beta-Release with Development Partners
Complete Corporate Design and Marketing Concept
Sales Launch of Intuaid "Basic" and "Basic Extended" Licenses through App-Stores
Implementation of Intuaid "Pro" and "Custom" Licenses at Rescue Organizations
Ongoing Optimization and Development
Updating Medical Guidelines
Frequent Marketing


Stephan Schumacher
Project Development
Dr. med. Holger Haas
Medical Supervisor
Max Neubürger
Product Design
Christopher Klupp
Student B.Sc. in Rescue Engineering
Eva Katharina Ente
Strategy and Finance
Lasse Siegel
Student B.Sc. in Rescue Engineering

Kirsten Mester
Advice in Rescue Mission Coordination and Operations
Martin Burghof
Advice in Rescue Operations and Didactics


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